About Us

Welcome To St. Mary's PU College

Welcome to St. Mary’s Group of Educational Institutions, founded in 1996 and managed under the Holy Spirit Educational and Charitable Trust. The trust is made up of professionals with vast experience in fields as diverse as education and hospitality.

St. Mary’s PU College offers Science combinations of PCMB & PCMC and Commerce combinations of EBAC & BACS, along with optional languages of Kannada & Hindi.

At St. Mary’s our Motto is “Together we learn, together we serve” and our lecturers make sure the children are taught in the easy & best way to learn the subjects and excel in their area of expertise.

Our special integrated PCMB & PCMC combinations are offered to help students to gear up to face the fiercely competitive examinations like IIT, NEET, KCET, KVPY & others. These are result oriented courses covering all aspects of learning and prepare students to compete at the same time making sure they do not need external tuitions to achieve these goals.

Our team comprises of experienced lecturers who with their wealth of knowledge help students reach their pinnacle of success. Our labs which are well equipped help the students to unearth the intricacies of the subject.

Our specially created doubt corners, help the students to go to the concerned lecturers during their breaks and clear their doubts. Our Audio Visual classes are used to ignite the visual learning of our students.
There is separate hostel facility for Girls & Boys with round the clock medical assistance.

Apart from the curricular activities, our college encourages students to take part in cultural, sports and socio – economic related competitions.