Rules & Regulations

College Rules

Student’s and Parent’s/Guardians should admit your daughter / son only if you are satisfied with the college facilities. The annual fees is fixed on the basis of permission for admission from PU Board (Intake) and the expenses that will occur for Academic and extracurricular activities and for the development of College, Therefore fees and advance once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. If student doesn’t come for college after admission and if he/she leaves the college in between the academic year then the parent should bear the loss that occurred for College and Management is not responsible for such cases. I will pay all the prescribed fees on time. I agree that my daughter / son will be regular to the class throughout the year and he/she will ensure to maintain 75% of attendance as per the rules of PU Board. If for any unforeseen reason he/she is absent from the classes for a long time without prior intimation to the principal, I shall submit a valid explanation (oral & written) duly signed by me with supporting documents. I am aware that if 75% attendance is not maintained in all the subjects then my daughter/son will not be allowed to appear in the annual examination. My daughter/son will not carry mobile phone or any electronic devices to the college and the moment it is confiscated by the authorities of the college, I shall not claim them.

Boarding Rules

Attendance in all the events of hostel is compulsory.

Students have to wear Identity Card all the times while they are at college.

Strict silence should be observed between 9 pm to 6 am.

Perfect silence is to be maintained in the hostel premises including dormitories, bathrooms, dining halls, corridors and common areas etc. Every student of the hostel should have civic responsibility that he or she should not be a cause of nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to others.

The hosteller should not enter in to any unnecessary conversation, discussion, quarrel or altercation. In case of any complaint has to be lodged with the wardens or in the complaint or suggestion box.

The hostellers should not enter into any unnecessary conversation, discussion, quarrel or altercation. In case of any, complaint has to be lodged with the Wardens.

If any hosteller is found indulging in any form of investigation / intimidation / threat to any other hosteller he / she will be asked to vacate the hostel forthwith. In this regard the decision of the Administrator is final and binding on the individual concerned.

When leaving the dormitories for attending classes or for vacation etc., fans, lights etc should be switched off. Glass windows are to be closed securely.

Walking along the corridor should be silent, gentle without creating nuisance / noise to fellow hostellers.

Students are not allowed to stay in the dormitories during the class hours unless the stay is unavoidable due to illness or any other valid reasons. In such cases they should take Warden’s permission.

Clock alarms should be switched off, when not in use. There have been instances when students have set the alarm and gone on leave and some of them ringing for hours and spoiling the sleep of fellow hostellers.

Water should be carefully used and not wasted. Bath timings should be followed as scheduled by the Wardens.

Students coming late/absent regularly will be expelled from the Hostel. Such students shall not be readmitted under any circumstances.

Students are not allowed to play outdoor games inside the hostel to prevent breakage and accidents. Sliding along the hand rails/ rest of stairs and fast running/ climbing down should be totally avoided to prevent accidents.